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Anastasia is an artist from the Ukraine focusing on expressive faces.

IG: g.afaces



Marina is a Japanese born painter and illustrator based in Berlin.

Marina' work can best be described as a prolific and instinctive outpouring of twisted, technically graceful, humanoid shapes and organic free flowing forms, culminating in complex, challenging and alive compositions.

Marina' art is the art of the swimming, yearning, feeling psyche, from the moment the pen or brush hits the paper to the moment its in the eyes of the viewer, the work evokes an emotional and very much human response, it hits us on a gut level, the crooked characters and dreamy lines, its art that sucks us is by our most primitive aesthetic satisfactions and holds us down by the brain, very much similar to the jarring surrealist subjects in her work, - another case of art imitating life or life imitating art?

This is all due to the fact that the work speaks to us on a instinctively human level.

IG: wlmfa.00



Markus Hans Kleierl (*1972 in Amberg/Opf.) kombiniert in HANSLAND Bilder mit Liedern. Die Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografien sind aufgenommen mit einer Polaroid „Land350“ -Kamera aus dem Jahr 1969, Die Verbindungen mit den Songs ergeben sich durch Stimmung, Titel oder Textinhalt meist im Moment des Fotografierens bzw. schon bei der Planung. Die Orte sind sehr persönlich gewählt und hängen direkt oder indirekt mit seinen Lieblingskünstler*innen zusammen – ein altes Atelier, ein Konzert - oder es sind Reiseziele, die oft mit musikalischen Events einhergehen.

Die Ausstellung "POLAROIDS + MELODIES" zeigt gerahmte FineArt-Prints, stellenweise versehen mit Textauszügen der jeweiligen Songs.


In HANSLAND, Markus Hans Kleierl (*1972 in Amberg/Opf.) is combining pictures with songs. The black-and-white photographs are made with a 1969 Polaroids "Land350" camera.

The connection happens in the moment of taking the picture or even before while planning- because of the mood, sometimes because of the title or certain lyrics of the song. His locations are chosen quite personally and are related more or less directly to his favourite artists - an old studio, a concert. And you see travel destinations which often go hand in hand with musical events.


The exhibition "POLAROIDS + MELODIES" shows framed FineArt prints, partly provided with lyrics extracts of the song combined.


IG: hanslandpolaroids



Coral reefs are one of the most beautiful and delicate natural phenomena on Earth but they are very sensitive to changes in the environment as well. One of the factors that influences this is the acidification of the oceans and rising temperature of the water. When the temperature rises above a certain point the symbiotic relationship of corals and coexisting creatures becomes disturbed. The bleached corals stop growing, and if their damage is very serious – they decay completely. It is estimated that by 2030 90% of the reefs around the world will be under threat, and by 2050 all will be under threat.

The project includes photographs of objects made entirely of disposable plastic (bottles, mugs, straws, etc.). These objects represent future reefs. If we do not drastically limit production of plastic, especially disposable packaging, the reef will be permanently destroyed and replaced by synthetic creations of Anthropocene such as these.


Alicja Wróblewska, visual artist, photographer. Graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Currently studying at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava, Czech Republic. The main focus of her work is anthropopressure, human impact on the environment, climate change and extinction of ecosystems. In her works she uses various media such as photography, sculpture, collage. Laureate of such competitions as, Pix.House Talent of the Year, Young Lynxes, EyeEm Awards, Grand Press Photo. Her works were exhibited in Poland and abroad. Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.







Kai Huang took over the complete gallery room with an amazing work to enjoy day and night.

IG: kaihmalerie




Underlying his practice is the exploration of the boundary between the real and the imagined, infusing the outer world as it is conventionally experienced with the artist’s subjective and emotive inner perceptions.  Through his use of perspective and attention to detail, Xander aims to create an intimate and immersive experience, with the intention of dissolving the separation between subject and object, the image and the viewer.

IG: xanderhaywood